Estate Planning Simplified

Often the biggest challenge to estate planning is getting started. And that involves knowing where to start. 

The right resources and the right professionals can make all the difference. This page provides a few informational tools to help you begin the process . . . and we’ll be here to answer your questions. Give us a call and we’ll make creating your estate plan that much easier. 

Is There Time Not to Do Estate Planning?

Probate is a term many have heard but few understand – until they have to go through it. Probate is the process by which a court distributes the assets of a deceased individual’s estate. The time and expense involved varies by the value of the estate and the state in which it resides. Whether or not someone has a will, probate will occur. But having a will can help reduce the length of time. 

If you are currently in a probate situation and need guidance, we can help. Give us a call at 630.665.2300 to speak to one of our attorneys.

Estate Planning Tools

Consider a
Simple Will if:

You have simple and straightforward estate planning needs such as a small estate exempt from estate taxes, or designated beneficiaries for your primary assets. Here’s how a simple will can benefit you:
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Consider a
Living Trust if:

You’ve acquired physical and financial assets and require more out of your estate plan – both while living and when you pass. Here’s how a living trust can benefit you:

Consider a
Dynasty Trust if:

You have significant wealth and want to spread it over multiple generations while maintaining asset and tax protection. Here’s how a dynasty trust can benefit you:
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