Elder Law

Elder Law services deal with the  support, protection and planning for elderly individuals. These include issues focused on long-term care, retirement, guardianship, Social Security, and Medicaid planning.

Proactive Planning

There’s a high probability that one day you may need long-term care – whether it’s a chronic illness, disability or help with basic care. It’s smart to plan early for how you will manage these rising health care costs.  

Crisis Planning

When a medical emergency presents itself and no crisis plan was put in place, there still may be tools available to provide you with security – and without compromising your legacy or quality long-term care.


It's time to rethink the way you plan for your future.

Will long-term care become a part of your future? It's very possible.

Many are unaware of the rising costs that await them or their loved ones if a need for long-term care arises. Misconceptions about what long-term care involves and how it’s covered is often the first problem. It’s crucial you learn the role it could play in your life and what you can do about it now.

Tackling these issues can be challenging, but our elder care lawyers are ready to help you and your family navigate the legal system and find solutions that are best for your situation. Set up a consultation with us to learn about your options.

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The role of elder law in your life.

“Elder law” refers to the broad area of law dealing with supporting, planning, and protections for elderly people. This ranges from long-term financial planning to shorter-term care issues. Our elder care attorneys are specially equipped to help people under intense emotional stress as elder law often involves difficult situations – both for the individual and their family.

As with many areas of law, the best time to speak with an attorney about your concerns is before negative consequences arise. Estate planning, wills, health insurance, Medicaid planning, guardianship, and assisted living arrangements are all things that can be carefully and extensively mapped out before they’re needed.

Our elder law services focus on issues unique to aging adults and individuals with special needs.

Estate planning is a part of elder law, but there are many other things that our elder care lawyers can assist you with:


It's time to bring some certainty into your future, today.

Pre-Crisis planning is crucial.

As you age, the likelihood you will need long-term care or assistance increases – whether it’s due to illness or unforseen disability. There’s also the possibility you could become incapacitated, unable to communicate your wishes, but still in need of long-term care. This can be a complicated process, and the last thing you want to think about is everything you should have done but never got around to doing.

The importance of pre-crisis planning cannot be overstated. Being able to tackle this process at a steady pace and with decreased stress is essential to getting things done right. We can provide you with the level-headed expertise and counsel you need, but we can’t go back in time. Meeting now to engage in pre-crisis planning allows us to map out a plan that you can implement immediately, allowing you to acquire the right resources you will need for the future.

How our elder law attorneys can help you:

You can bring some certainty into your future. Managing your future health care now will spare you and your family from the emotional and financial burden that often accompanies a health care crisis. It’s crucial the proper tools are put into place to protect your assets from rising costs and your family from the uncertainties of how to handle those costs should they occur.


It's time to seek guidance from your elder care attorney.

Crisis Planning: Achieving Your Goals Quickly and Securely

If you’re dealing with an emergency and you don’t have a fully formed – or any – crisis plan in place, there are still tools available that could allow you to provide security for yourself and a legacy for your family without compromising quality long-term care.

Our elder law attorneys are well-equipped to quickly assess your individual situation and provide you with the tools that can help. Acting fast during an emergency can mean a much better outcome and a solid long-term plan.

Unfortunately, many in an emergency situation are prone to accepting bad ideas or shaky plans.  Understandably, stress and emotional turmoil can make any person into a poor planner. 

Don’t succumb to a bad crisis plan because of emergency circumstances. Even without advance planning, our elder law attorneys can help you figure out how to set up the best possible plan for long-term elder care. Contact us to see how we can help you at 630.665.2300.

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