Crisis Planning

The worst has come to pass; you are dealing with a surprise medical emergency, and you don’t have a crisis plan. Maybe you’ve met with an elder law attorney or started to think about advance planning and the resources needed for long-term senior care. Or, maybe you just haven’t managed to get to the start of elder law planning; it always seemed like you could leave it until next year.

Either way, it is never too late. Proactive planning is always a better solution, but it's understandable that families may not always realize the need to plan until a crisis presents itself. Life is busy, and even thinking about emergencies can be stressful; people often don’t want to engage with the possibility with advance planning.

If you are dealing with an emergency and don’t have a fully formed (or any) crisis plan, there are still tools available that allow you to provide security for yourself and a legacy for your family without compromising quality long-term care.

Don’t leave this any longer--make an appointment for a complimentary consult now. The sooner our attorneys can meet with you and start to learn about your situation, the sooner we can help you get your affairs in order.

Elder Law & Crisis Planning: Achieving Your Goals Quickly & Securely

You have a number of different options when tackling elder law planning. Our legal team is well-versed in elder law and is ready to walk you through your choices and their benefits. Let us provide knowledgeable and practical advice and support, instead of consigning yourself to stressful and unending online searches in the face of this crisis.

Our attorneys are well-equipped to quickly assess your individual situation and provide you with the tools and plans that you need. Acting fast during an emergency can mean a much better outcome and a solid long-term plan.

Even if you are leaning towards one potential plan over another, it is important to meet with a legal professional so that you can spot potential issues that may not crop up until later. For instance, if skilled nursing care is imminent, planning opportunities still exist to protect a substantial portion of your assets. Vehicles such as promissory notes or private annuities can be used to permit gifts and transfers when an unplanned nursing home admission is encountered by the family.

On the other hand, if remaining at home with the assistance of private health care is an option, it may be possible to transfer assets and qualify for Medicaid immediately to help cover those costs. Another viable option is to set up a caregiver agreement and/or personal service contract with a family member who resides with you.

Working With an Elder Law Attorney While in Crisis

Because of the complexities involved with planning for a health care crisis, it is essential you meet with a qualified attorney in elder law who understand the use of creative planning to find the best solution that fits your needs.

Especially in an emergency situation, people are prone to accepting bad ideas or shaky plans. Stress and emotional turmoil can make any person into a poor planner. Don’t succumb to a bad crisis plan because of emergency circumstances. Even without advance planning, our elder law attorneys can help you figure out how to set up the best possible plan for long-term elder care.

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